Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frame Rates

Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua from Staatsballett Berlin perform several jumps captured in slow motion at 1000 frames per second.

So, working on Halfland brings a great deal of realization and insight with it. One of the things that is occurring is the sense of life itself being very much like a frame-by-frame animation. It's dawning slowly on me that the only difference between life, animation, and dreams is the "Frame Rate". How many slices of action we can perceive. Too out-there of an idea for you? well, that's why it's posted on the underground.

Case in point. The super slow mo camera technology experiments that are emerging from all over the world are capturing human imagination, I think for a reason. If you watch this captivating, sublimely beautiful clip of young dancers jumping, you may notice how when the 1,000 frames per second kicks in, it begins to imitate or emulate our own mind's ability to see. It becomes nearly a god's eye view (be sure to catch it on YouTube directly after it's all buffered for the effect). I feel that we often see this way in our own dreams. Do you?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mimizard Puppet Completed!

 A: Fully REALized: Cirelle's original sketch, sculpt, and finished puppet
I could not be more proud of Cirelle for actually completing her original puppet character she began here two years ago.

She came over to finish him up especially yesterday and we spent a whirlwind day putting the finishing touches on.

When she saw the date of February 2010 on her initial sketch, she turned to me to say that she finally understood how Halfland has taken me so many years. (YEAH! Tell me about it!) It's not that she or I spend every moment making our creations. Life happens as well. In her case, she became a dog owner over the last year (the wonderful puppy that Shel Rasch rescued for her from our street) and built the cedar-shingled roof on the Halfland cottage.

See her workman's journey over the two-year making of her Mimizard puppet below.