Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halfland Build Lists:
specific items that need doing

Interior/Exterior Cottage Building: rain gutter with bucket pulleys

Set Landscape Building: plant landscape; silk waters; distant hills; set foreground branch near camera on wide shots, Flowering Thoughts

Puppet Making: armatures; casting; hair; costuming; and finishing for; Tarn (38% done); Kyra large and small (50%); Yanu (50% done); Torhar; Urhu; Bird's in Hats (80% done)

[Table updated: April 2015]

Completed Set/Prop/Puppet Elements--DONE!-- kitchen curtains & rods/brackets; Entry window curtains, shade rods and brackets, desert palm tree; Moon Lantern, Bamboo Grove, Tea Cup Roses, glass Tudor windows, rose wallpapering; plant pond foliage; portion of fencing in foreground, gate in fence;  Mouse House Exterior, weathervane, tree lanterns; coppola; shutters; porch; Urhu's desert tent; Mouse house interior; Writing Mouse's ink bottles, quills, scrollsUrhu's snake-skinned musical instruments; roof joists; roof and shingles; Cabbage moth halo/crown; Butterfly wing tapestry loom, Chicken Painter's easel, brushes, and canvasesFour seasons of birch forest, lace spider webs

Finished Puppets--DONE!--RANA!! Writing Mouse; Bosq the snoring cat; small Pink Snail; Knitting Beetles, Herman! the Caterpillar, Catalina the Inchworm, Dust Bunnies, The Tailor Spider, Birds in Hats (so nearly), Pink Snail, Handicapped Butterflies, Time Flies; devil moth; Time Frog ; Caterpillow,  Chicken Painter (by Deborah George); Mr. and Mrs. Smook OYsters, blue dragonfly, twigman, twig figures, Hermit Crab

Backdrop Sky Building--Again--Day and Night DONE!

Finished props--DONE!-- iron tea kettle, Bird's hats, door keys, floral arrangement, window boxes, strawberriesFireside hearth andirons and kettle crane, Queen Bee paper hive, Queen bee's crown; Time Frog's lotus and lily pads, Chandelier AGAIN!; All Food Props

For possible future Halfland episodes:

Add'l Props: Torhar's saddle; Tarn's sled

Add'l Puppets: Butterflies that tango, and look like flowers, and are handicapped.

Add'l Minor Sets: underseascape (made from puppet packaging from all over earth from Notes readers)


  1. I love the puppets and the props...I think the Writing Mouse is my favorite!

  2. Really!? That's so nice Rinky Dink Studios! That gives such a boost knowing that someone likes something for the film!