Sunday, January 23, 2011

Character Round-up

Talented animator, Gustavo Arteaga was kind enough to ask whether I made my own characters for my projects. I said yes and collected a few sketches to give him the idea. I added a few more and put them here, in case anyone else might want to see the gang all together, and often in the all-together!
Yanu the Moth man sketch made from photo of his sculpt.

Bosq the sleeping cat puppet on the set

Rana, the Goat Woman (and main character) stand in puppet on set.

Pink Snail, with cozy home on his back, portrait of the large puppet.

Tarn the Crow Woman sketch

the Time Frog sketch with the Time Flies (Musca Tempora)

The Koi of Enlightenment puppet seen in the pond. He rises up from the depths only for a moment.
Kyra, the black Mermaid sketch from photo of her large sculpt. Undersea she turns blue and the shells woven into her hair turn to pure gold.
Rana sketch, showing how she'll carry the small chocolate-skinned Kyra mermaid puppet while on their journey....

The Birds in Hats sketch, among their hat box nest and habadashery fighting to see themselves in the mirror.

 The Writing Mouse small puppet and his tiny lens glasses.

The Hermit Crab sketch, eating his lemon crab cake, for the undersea scene
Monty's sketch, the little pink balloon blowfish who has no friends, for the undersea scene.

The Chicken Painter sketch, painting a landscape en plein air in the meadow yard. In a fowl mood today.

The Tailor Spider puppet, who lives in Rana's attic making cobwebs for her to wear on her clothes.

There are also marching ants and bugs dressed for a party, caterpillars, worms, a lizard (by Cirelle) and pretty butterflies (by Constance) as well...

To be continued...


  1. I love these characters! So well done beautiful detail!

  2. I love these characters! So well done beautiful detail!

  3. Thank you and welcome to Halfland, Chloe Bensinger!

  4. How beautiful! Everything here is so stunning. I am mesmerized! Thank you for telling me about your work Shelley! The visuals have such a mythic sweep yet are also so whimsical and touching. I love it. =)

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Victoria Don!

      See you class!