Thursday, December 3, 2009

Halfland Build Lists:
specific items that need doing

For first Halfland episodes:

Furniture Prop Building:  lace spider webs

Interior/Exterior Cottage Building: rain gutter with bucket pullys

Set Landscape Building: plant landscape; silk waters; distant hills; set foreground branch near camera on wide shots.

Puppet Making: sculpts; molds; armatures; casting; hair; costuming; finishing for: Rana (50% done); Tarn (38% done); Kyra large and small (50%); Yanu (50% done); Torhar; Queen Bee (Christine is working on her); Urhu; Bird's in Hats (80% done); Hermit Crab; Chicken Painter (Deborah is working on her);

[Table updated: August 2013]

For Future Halfland Episodes:

Add'l Props: Torhar's saddle; Tarn's sled; Flowering Thoughts; white paper shadow puppets for Jessica's live action title sequence; Chicken Painter's easel, brushes, and canvases.

Add'l Puppets: Butterflies that tango, and look like flowers, and are handicapped.

Add'l Minor Sets: underseascape (made from puppet packaging from all over earth from Notes readers) ALERT!!!! This entire portion of the production may be given to artist Christine Kuper and her husband to use as their own first stop motion!! This would mean there's a chance of these puppets swimming before the year 3000!!!;

Completed Set/Prop/Puppet Elements--DONE!-- kitchen curtains & rods/brackets; Entry window curtains, shade rods and brackets, desert palm tree; Moon Lantern, Bamboo Grove, Tea Cup Roses, glass Tudor windows, rose wallpapering; plant pond foliage; portion of fencing in foreground, gate in fence;  Mouse House Exterior, weathervane, tree lanterns; coppola; shutters; porch; Urhu's desert tent; Mouse house interior; Writing Mouse's ink bottles, quills, scrollsUrhu's snake-skinned musical instruments; roof joists; roof and shingles; Cabbage moth halo/crown; Butterfly wing tapestry loom

Four seasons of birch forest as background cover/detail

Finished Puppets--DONE!-- Writing Mouse; Bosq the snoring cat; small Pink Snail; Knitting Beetles, Herman! the Caterpillar, Catalina the Inchworm, Dust Bunnies, The Tailor Spider, Birds in Hats (so nearly), Pink Snail, Handicapped Butterflies, Time Flies; devil moth; Time Frog ; Caterpillow

Backdrop Sky Building--Again....

All Food Props--DONE!

Finished props--DONE!-- iron tea kettle, Bird's hats, door keys, floral arrangement, window boxes, strawberriesFireside hearth andirons and kettle crane, Queen Bee paper hive, Queen bee's crown; Time Frog's lotus and lily pads, Chandelier AGAIN!; etc.


  1. I love the puppets and the props...I think the Writing Mouse is my favorite!

  2. Really!? That's so nice Rinky Dink Studios! That gives such a boost knowing that someone likes something for the film!