Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet The Adorable Jemmy!

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Got to visit Cirelle and her new puppy that Shel Rasch rescued from our neighborhood for her. He is a super fantastic little doggie; smart, good natured, giving, and a pure delight of adorable tufts of oinch!

I didn't know what to expect, actually, I did expect the worst. I assumed he'd have to be a total handful coming from the streets without any training. I thought he'd be yelping constantly and jumping and unwieldy, but he was the opposite. He was clearly a good boy and already fully in love with Cirelle. That's really the only challenge they are having to adjust to right now, is how awful he feels when she goes off to work or other activities. He's so attached to her affection and care (I know how he feels!) that when she leaves him alone for any length of time in the condo, he gets frustrated and tears things up.

I say bring him mostly everywhere. Problem solved. But Cirelle wants to be able to go off when she wants/needs to. I think after a while, he'll realize he's got a secure home with her and he won't be so anxious later on. That, or maybe other neighbors can pitch in a share he walking and care. He's so dear that he'll win over anyone who meets him.

Meanwhile, good luck to Cirelle and Jemmy! (that's a French nickname for the name Cirelle got was his from a dream) Shel did such a good thing for them both!


  1. Woohoo! It's like Gerald's Last Day with a real owner! Here's to happy beginnings.