Sunday, February 14, 2010

Patina Recipe: Pig Iron

Iron recipe, originally uploaded by Nobledesign.
Found a great patina recipe for simulating pig iron.

PIg Iron Patina:

•Slate grey acrylic paint on any base surface.
•Two rough coats of iron surfacer paint (iron particles in suspension).
•Allow to dry.
•Saturate with rusting solution (sold with iron surfacer; good info here).
•Allow to oxidize/rust over several hours or overnight.
• Hit high points of surface by lightly rubbing with iridescent grey chalk.
• Rub with soft cloth to burnish and fix.


(This letter is from a necklace I'm nearly finished building.)


  1. Thanks Dan. I'm making a necklace that reads "TRUTH".

  2. m_) oh Truth. I thought it would go "H-u-g-o"

    s-ILL-y me.


  3. heh, I ended up not wearing the necklace seen being made above. I made my Truth necklace instead by "writing" the word in thin wire. I call it wire graffti> Turned out great!

  4. Thanks for following, Dan. More content here soon>>>

  5. I guess I have discovered another Secret Door. Thank you so much for the Pig Iron Tutorial.I may try it sometime when I can gather all of the required materials;I think it would be useful to incorporate on my glass bottle. Your life is Magical and I adore your glue bottles and I guess just about everything....actually everything.

  6. Hi Annabelle! Welcome to the underground. What are my glue bottles? Nevermind, I'll take the compliment!