Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hand-crafted 3d illustration Win-- Miss Clara

Découvrez Miss Clara et ses merveilles en papier sur Culturebox !

Found via Annekata

A new heroine inspiration Miss Clara in France. I've long admired her 3D hand crafted illustrations and was so pleased to discover the woman behind the work.

I hope to craft illustrations for the Halfland story book, rendered from stills of the film with some of the charm and beauty Miss Clara's works have.


  1. It's amazing what some people can do. Thanks for sharing this. And visit me too when you have time.


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  3. Wow, I didn't get to finish my post.

    I SAID,

    Happy Holidays to you, my friend! Wishing you the best of 'em, however you celebrate. I'm going to Seattle and eating a lot!


  4. For years Miss Clara has been a favourite of mine. I love her work and her website (I even go to her website just to listen to that enchanting music she uses) but I had not seen this clip yet. Thank you!

  5. Oh, so glad, Josje! Yes, she is a force of nature and talent.